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Angels, Princesses, Queens and BirdsWelcome to the wonderful world of Hawaii Profiles. Come with us as we take you from the top of the Pali Lookout to undersea coral reefs. Fly with us as over majestic Kaena Point on Oahu's North Shore or climb steep trails to secret waterfalls. Join us in our never-ending search for Angels, Princesses, Queens, Divas and Sirens.

Enter a world of beauty, enchantment, magic, mystery and bizarre alternate universes.

Hawaii Profiles

Hawaii Profiles is an on-line photo magazine dedicated to portraying and promoting the very special people and events that inform and inspire the people of Hawaii.

New News

Christmas Specials:

Studio Special: One look photo shoot, Christmas theme; includes card layout designs, CD of photos and 10 Christmas Cards: only $75

Location Special: Two look photo shoot, Christmas theme at Nuuanu Valley Park; includes card layout designs, CD of photos and 10 Christmas Cards: only $125

Call for date and time: 808-780-5554
Not So New News

This Hawaii Profiles website, was completely designed using our own products and services offered by our new affiliate company, Hawaii Profiles Hosting. We are excited to have the opportunity to offer a multitude of new services to our favorite little darlings, gents, princesses, queens, angels, divas, models, entertainers and friends.

Think about it. What better person to host and maintain your or your child prodigy's personal website than the photographer who will be at almost all of the pageants, designing most of the ad pages and program books, as well as doing lots and lots of photo shoots throughout the next few years? It's a match made in the bizarre alternate universe!

We are also in the process of re-revamping our Hawaii Profiles Galleries website. Hawaii Profiles Galleries is the online print service site in which photographs from pageants, events, parties, weddings and special shows are uploaded to, in which people from all over the world can go in, view all the photos and order prints if they like. Hawaii Profiles Galleries has been very popular and many people have requested that it be updated.

There are so many special offers that are now being offered and will soon be offered that it would be very wise of you to keep a knowing eye open for them. A clever little diva would even contact us to find out what they were. If you have any questions, please email us at rick@hawaiiprofiles.com or call us at 808-780-5554.
Old News

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Contestants Wanted

There are a number of beauty and scholarship pageants coming up for young ladies and women of any age or marital status. These pageants provide a number of benign benefits to eveyone who participates. Prizes should be a secondary factor. The facts that contestants improve themselves in many ways, meet new friends and experience many life-long memories are enough to make almost any pageant worth entering.

If anyone would like information about any of these pageants please contact us.

New and Additional Services

Hawaii Profiles Galleries

Photographs of many pageants, events and occasions are now available for viewing and purchase by going to our Hawaii Profiles Galleries website by visiting:


Hawaii Profiles Hosting

We now offer NEW personal and professional website hosting and services by visiting:



Hawaii Profiles is a GP rated website. You will find no exposed nudity, inappropriate sexual content or vulgarity. We at Hawaii Profiles believe that nudity or partial-nudity portrayed in a tasteful and artistic manner is a matter of subjective interpretation and can be very beautiful - we just will not intentionally display any in Hawaii Profiles. Some young ladies may be strategically covered, but again, this is done tastefully and not intended to be overly sexual or obscene.

Hawaii Profiles also does not promote any political views but does believe that good moral character, accepting responsibility for one's life and actions, and treating others better than one would want to be treated themselves are the cornerstones of our society. If you don't ask us, we won't tell you what we think.

We have received email requesting personal information concerning some of the young ladies in our galleries. In order to protect the privacy of the people we work with, we have a policy not to pass on any information whatsoever. If anyone would like to send fan email or are interested in booking someone for a job, please email us at Hawaii Profiles.

Building an Empire

If you would like to help build the empire, we are looking for models, actors, aspiring television and video personalities, hosts, hostesses, writers, jacks- and jills-of-all-trades, divas, sirens, sales people or anyone with ambition and desire. Please contact us if interested.


If you missed the opportunity to order a Contestant or Pageant Photo CD/DVD from a past beauty pageant that we participated in, or if you would like to pre-pay for a Mini-Photo Shoot or the Photo Shoot/Ad Package, you can pay here by using the Pay Pal button below.


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Cell: 808-780-5554
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Donations for Support

We at Hawaii Profiles do our best to make every pageant and event a good, positive experience for the people we work with, many times at the sacrifice of our own resources for the benefit of those we help.

Additionally, many times we meet contestants who are not as fortunate in family support or the family has financial hardships, and need additional help. Hawaii Profiles often donates our time, services and wide selection of gowns, dresses and accessories to help those less fortunate contestants.

If you enjoy this site and are generous by nature, please help us to continue helping others by making a small donation to help defer any of the costs that we incur. We would also appreciate the donation of gowns, dresses, shoes, bling bling, accessories and professional services (hair & makeup, nails, etc.).

Thank you for your generousity.

Payments for services or products may also be paid using the Pay Pal Donate button.


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