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Hawaii Profiles offers many personal and professional services in the areas of writing, graphic design, website services, artsie-fartsie photo collages, portrait and event photography.

As the photo editor, lead photographer and webmaster for the Hawaii Pacific University Kalamalama student newspaper, nationally recognized as one of the best college student newspapers in the country, we gained invaluable experience and expertise in areas that fit well into todays high paced and highly scrutinized industries of journalism, pageantry, fashion, graphic design and publishing.

Hawaii Profiles is well-known for some of the finest pageant, event, and personal, location portait photography in Hawaii.

Photo shoot prices vary depending on time, number of changes requested, and difficulty of location. Discounts and special packages are offered to beauty pageant contestants who are activelly engaged in the work up to an up-coming pageant.

Pageant and theatre photography prices vary on the length of the event. Trade agreements can be made with the director for advertising or as an extra benefit if we are hired to design a program book or allowed to work with contestants or performers for compensation.

Kristian Lei & Honolulu Broadway Babies 2009 collage for HPU Kalamalama Student Newspaper

We also offer low and medium cost wedding packages to meet the needs of any budget:

• Weddings on the beach
• Weddings on a catamaran
• Wedding in churches and chapels
• Hawaiian style weddings and blessings
• Vow renewals
• Pet weddings and blessings (coming soon)

Writing, Poetry & Journalism

Hawaii Profiles takes pride in our ability to write in order to meed a wide variety of needs.

• Feature writing
• Hard news
• Editorial commentary
• Speech writing
• Satire
• Poetry & prose


We have a very unique artistic eye and sense of composition which, combined with a very active imagination, helps us produce some beautiful photo surrealistic collages. At Hawaii Pacific University, we created large collages for almost every issue for two years. One collage (see About Us page) won a national award.

Child of the Universe

Pageant Media Support

Program book layout and design, and graphic services including tickets, fliers, posters, banners and Facebook updates.

Contestant & Sponsor Ad Page Layout

Two-page contest ad page layout spread for program book

Make-up Artists

Hawaii Profiles works with a number of outstanding make-up artists (MUAs) for photo shoots, pageants, weddings, filmings and parties. When we schedule a photo shoot, we generally do not charge for hair and makeup, but instead have the model contact the MUA personally and make the arrangements as needed.

We believe it is very important to have professional makeup done for a professional photo shoot.

List of MUAs (in no particular order):

• Geraldine (Geri) Valencia: Get Gorgeous with Geri; (c) 808-620-5467
• Ruth Ann Aguinaldo: (c) 808-258-1363
• Racyne Sugai: (c) 808-371-0952
• Nalei Lacio: (c) 808-218-0273
• Janalyn Hiramatsu: (c) 808-349-0934

If you wish to book any of these young ladies for a beauty pageant, the sooner you contact them the more likelihood that they will be available. They get booked very quickly so don't wait until the last minute.
Specialty Services

We offer many services to contestants, models, actors, entertainers and more, in order to help make them more successful (and hopefully more marketable). Specialty services include various workshops or training in:

• Interview
• Pageant training
• Hair & Makeup
• Acting
• Dance
• Photography

Training or workshops will be conducted predominently in our studio on Fort Street Mall. If we cannot conduct the training or workshops ourselves, we will bring in experts in their field to best serve you.
Website Services

Hawaii Profiles Hosting

Hawaii Profiles Hosting provides many professional and personal website services including hosting, website builder, professional website developement, ecommerce, marketing, email, blogs, and many more. With every domain registration or transfer, you will get free hosting, email, and quick blogcast for your free 5-page web builder stie.

NOTE: the free hosting only applies to the free 5-page web bulder site. Larger low cost, web bulder sites are available that include hosting.

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Rick Bernico
1154 Fort Street Mall Suite 221Facebook link for Ricky Rick
Honolulu, HI 96813
Cell: 808-780-5554

Donations for Support

We at Hawaii Profiles do our best to make every pageant and event a good, positive experience for the people we work with, many times at the sacrifice of our own resources for the benefit of those we help.

Additionally, many times we meet contestants who are not as fortunate in family support or the family has financial hardships, and need additional help. Hawaii Profiles often donates our time, services and wide selection of gowns, dresses and accessories to help those less fortunate contestants.

If you enjoy this site and are generous by nature, please help us to continue helping others by making a small donation to help defer any of the costs that we incur. We would also appreciate the donation of gowns, dresses, shoes, bling bling, accessories and professional services (hair & makeup, nails, etc.).

Thank you for your generousity.

Payments for services or products may also be paid using the Pay Pal Donate button.


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