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Hawaii Pageants

Here is the contact information for a number of beauty pageants and their directors whom Hawaii Profiles has worked with for years. Feel free to contact them for information and applications pertaining to their pageants.

Alicia Jones: (c) 808-384-7659; (e)
• Miss Hawaii USA and Miss Hawaii Teen USA beauty pageants

Ann Mata: (c) 808-395-8715; (e)
• Miss East Oahu and Miss Kahala (preliminary to Miss Hawaii)
• Miss East Oahu's Outstanding Teen

Luana Alapa: (c) 808-782-1119; (e)
• Mrs Hawaii America
• Miss Hawaii Teen & Junior Teen
• Little Darling and Darling Gents USA
• Little Miss & Mister Maui State
• Little Miss & Mister Hawaii State
• Little Miss & Mister Aloha State

Ryan Brown: (c) 808-218-2046; (e)
• Miss Hawaii
• Miss Hawaii's Outstanding Teen

If you know any other pageants and directiors, please submit them through the for on the Contact Us page.

Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists

Every beauty pageant, wedding, and special appearance will require you look your absolute best to not only represent yourself but to also represent the pageant or organization. A good makeup artist and hair stylist is extremely important and valuable for you to be able to put your best self forward.

Hawaii Profiles
works with a number of outstanding makeup artists and hair stylists who are in such high demand that if you know you will have a pageant or event coming up, it would be extremely wise of you to book them far in advance.

Geraldine Valencia:
(c) 808-620-5467

Ruth Ann Aguinaldo(c) 808-258-1363

Racyne Sugai(c) 808-371-0952

Daunting Endeavors

There are so many aspects to running in a beauty pageant that it is nearly impossible for any one person to keep track of everything herself. That is why it is extremely important to have the support of families, friends and sponsors. Some pageant directors have some pretty stringent requirements while others seem to just be shot-gunning everything. No matter what the case, it is the responsibility of the contestant to keep track of all the requirements and to meet all deadlines.

Not only do the multitudes of meetings, trainings, appearances,  and paperwork seem daunting, but to try to fit all of that in while going to school, work, taking care of siblings or doing school or volunteer activities. These make it seem impossible.

Costs can be another intimidating factor when it comes pageants. Ever price a pageant gown? Shoes? Hair and make-up artist? Nails? Tannig spray? Unmentionables? Sponsors can help you alleviate the many pageant costs associated with pageants.

Ever design your own ad page? Do you know the specs needed to put an ad page into a program book?

Ad Sales Tips

We at Hawaii Profiles have been working with beauty pageants for over ten years. Not only do we photograph the pageants, we also layout the program books for many of the pageant directors. We also lay out the ad pages for the contestants who don't know how to make the pages or would prefer to have someone else do it for them. This would allow them to concentrate on the 426,321 other responsibilities they have to meet.

Our experience has allowed us to organize some thoughts and ideas in order to help the contestants who need help. Not only can we photograph the contestant and help her with her ad pages, we can also provide interview training and coaching in many relevant areas.

Ad Pages Tips
(These tips may or may not be encouraged by your director so please check with them)

Even though you are required to pay a certain amount for the page that does not mean you cannot charge more to your sponsors. YOU determine what you would like to charge the sponsor.

Tip One: YOU determine the price you want to charge.

For example: if you are required to pay $300 for a full page ad, you can instead charge $350 – $450 for a full page, $175 – $275 for a half page, $100 – $200 for a quarter page and $25 – $50 for a business card or $25 for a Good Luck Line. If you sell 6 business cards or Good Luck Lines then you have your page paid for. It is easier to get $25 – $50 from 10 people than $300 from one person. Any extra money you earn can be used for your gowns, swimsuits, other attire, shoes, hair & makeup or anything else you need for the pageant. 

Tip Two: Give everyone the opportunity to help you.

Please do not think that you are imposing on or taking advantage of anyone by asking for sponsorship. Give your family and friends the opportunity to help you succeed. Businesses normally pay far more for advertising than what you will be charging them. The price you charge the sponsors should depend on what you choose to charge them, but don’t get greedy.

Tip Three: Follow-up in person.

Many contestants mail the ad forms to people and expect to get them back in the mail. Please don’t depend on ANYONE mailing anything back to you because chances are they won’t. The best thing to do is go to your potential sponsor yourself with the forms, talk to them yourself and give them sweet smiles and innocent eyes. How could anyone say no to that?

Tip Four: Do NOT ask “Yes” or “No” questions.

Do NOT ask any “yes” or “no” questions. “Would you like to sponsor me?” “NO, SORRY” Instead, tell them about your pageant, tell them how you will benefit and give back or influence the community should you win, and then give them the sponsorship form, tell them the ways they can sponsor and ask them: “Which way would you like to help?” Then SHUT UP, smile and wait.

Sample ad page layouts

Ad Page Requirements

Almost every pageant requires contestants to turn in ad pages. It is the responsibility of the contestant to ensure that all of the requirements and deadlines are met.

There are three ways in which you can complete and turn in your ad pages. You can do them yourself, have someone do them for you for free or pay someone to do them for you.

Your pageant director should provide you with all the information necessary in order for you to complete or have completed your ad pages correctly. Remember, it is your responsiblity to ensure they are done correctly and on time.

If you would like more information, please fill out the form on our Contact Us and request and Ad Page Requirements PDF be sent to you or you can click on the PDF logo.

The information contained in the Ad Page Requirements may or may not be the correct specifications for your particular pageant program book. Please check with the pageant director for the correct specifications.

Contestants Wanted

There are approximately 3,478,921 beauty and scholarship pageants in Hawaii for young ladies and women of any age or marital status. These pageants provide a number of benign benefits to eveyone who participates. Prizes should be a secondary factor. The facts that contestants improve themselves in many ways, meet new friends and experience many life-long memories are enough to make almost any pageant worth entering.

Contestants WANTED!

If anyone would like information about any of these pageants please contact us.

Items of Interest

Photographs of many pageants, events and occasions are now available for viewing and purchase by going to our Hawaii Profiles Galleries website by visiting:

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Donations for Support

We at Hawaii Profiles do our best to make every pageant and event a good, positive experience for the people we work with, many times at the sacrifice of our own resources for the benefit of those we help.

Additionally, many times we meet contestants who are not as fortunate in family support or the family has financial hardships, and need additional help. Hawaii Profiles often donates our time, services and wide selection of gowns, dresses and accessories to help those less fortunate contestants.

If you enjoy this site and are generous by nature, please help us to continue helping others by making a small donation to help defer any of the costs that we incur. We would also appreciate the donation of gowns, dresses, shoes, bling bling, accessories and professional services (hair & makeup, nails, etc.).

Thank you for your generousity.

Payments for services or products may also be paid using the Pay Pal Donate button.


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