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Lanikeke Falls, KailuaHawaii Profiles covers many different types of events to include beauty pageeants, theatre performances, fashion shows, weddings and much more.

If you have any thoughts and suggestions that you feel will Hawaii Profiles better serve you and the community, or if you would also like information about up-coming pageants and events or questions about our photography, graphic design and other services, then please email us.

If you know any beauty pageants that we am not already involved with that will be coming up soon, please let us know and include contact information for the pageant director. Personal recommendations to the pageant director prior to our call will increase the likelihood that we will be able to help the pageant and contestants.

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Donations for Support

We at Hawaii Profiles do our best to make every pageant and event a good, positive experience for the people we work with, many times at the sacrifice of our own resources for the benefit of those we help.

Additionally, many times we meet contestants who are not as fortunate in family support or the family has financial hardships, and need additional help. Hawaii Profiles often donates our time, services and wide selection of gowns, dresses and accessories to help those less fortunate contestants.

If you enjoy this site and are generous by nature, please help us to continue helping others by making a small donation to help defer any of the costs that we incur. We would also appreciate the donation of gowns, dresses, shoes, bling bling, accessories and professional services (hair & makeup, nails, etc.).

Thank you for your generousity.

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